Rare Bats at Farringdon

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In 2001 a species of bat previously unknown to science were discovered in the mountains of Greece. Since then these rare Alcathoe bats have been found at scattered locations and in small numbers in a number of European countries and more recently in a couple of UK locations but now Farringdon has been added to the list.

When the Alcathoe bats were first discovered it was assumed that their distribution was confined to southeast Europe. Then over the last ten years it has been found at scattered locations and in small numbers in other European countries, including France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Then, last year, researchers from the Universities of Leeds and Sheffield conducting a survey into the genetics of Whiskered bats discovered the Alcathoe bat at two sites in Yorkshire and Sussex. Until recently, these were the only known locations in the UK, but now Farringdon has been added to the list. It has been found and verified, not by capture and examination, but by the recording and analysis of the
ultrasound cries it emits when echolocating.

The Alcathoe bat is what is known as a cryptic species – that is, one that looks similar to other closely related species, in this case the Whiskered bat.

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