Farringdon Parish

Farringdon is a rural parish in East Devon that includes the village of Farringdon as well as the hamlet of Denbow, parts of Perkins Village and Rosamondford as well as a large number of scattered houses and farms.

You can find more about it on the Farringdon Village website at www.fra.btck.co.uk. The village site includes information on the parish coucilors, minutes for parish council meetings and the date and agenda for the next parish council meeting.

Clyst St George

Clyst St George Parish does not currently have a parish council website, so here you will find information from the parish council. Read more...

Bishops Clyst

Bishops Clyst Parish Council covers the two parishes of Clyst St Mary and Sowton. Click to se information about the parish and link to it's website. Read more...

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